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Search engine optimization is the art of organizing the content on a website in such a way so that is will rank as high as possible in the results. Ideally, your site should be showing up among the top 30 results for at least 5 applicable keywords or phrases.  

Search engines are the most cost-effective way to advertise your business.  Other forms of advertising can cost thousands of dollars for ads that can only be viewed by a limited number of people for a limited amount of time.  Search engines offer an incredible return on investment - for high ranking websites.  

Simply having a well-designed website is not enough.  Good web design is a combination of graphic arts and computer coding - two very different disciplines.  Most web designers are unaware of the complex algorithms that search engine spiders use to index websites, and therefore do not create websites using optimization techniques.  



Search engine optimization techniques are not difficult to learn, but large amounts of time and vigilance are required to make sure that your website meets the current guidelines that are unique for each search engine.  These guidelines are ever-changing, and some search engine optimization methods  that were widely used a year ago, could actually harm your website's ranking if used today.

Having We-Will Services optimize your website will ensure that the most current methods of search engine optimization will be used.  We-Will Services will never use any unethical optimization techniques that others might use to try to trick a search engine spider into assigning a higher ranking.  While this might work temporarily, people who use these techniques will eventually be penalized.

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