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We-Will Services has e-commerce and shopping cart solutions that will be able to handle your e-commerce needs, no matter how many items you want to sell on your site.  Check out some of the features of one of our more popular shopping carts below, and then Contact us for a free estimate.
Whole Order Discounting This applies a discount to any whole order based upon the total purchase going over a certain threshold value. It can be applied in addition to single item discounting.
Apply Taxes to the whole order Allows you to apply sales tax to the whole order for one or multiple states or countries. Counties may be substituted for countries.
Design your own "quantity" graphic or "add-to-cart" button graphic. Allows you to design any kind of graphic to prompt the user for the quantity of items to be ordered and the button to add the item to the cart.
Apply Taxes to a single item Allows you to apply sales tax to a single item or multiple items without applying sales tax to the whole order.
Customer email receipt Allows you the option to decide whether or not you wish to send an email to your customer, by proposing alternatively provided receipt pages.
Determine whether customer will checkout after placing an order or continue shopping Allows you to determine whether you wish customers to automatically go into the process of checking out when an item is placed in the cart, or to continue shopping.
Built-in Check-Luhn routine Has a built-in check-Luhn routine which mathematically verifies that the credit card number entered in the payment page is "mathmatically" valid. This speeds the checkout process and reduces fraud, especially on manually processed ordering.
Provides Default Localization Can be used in any country, and provides default localization. You can operate in whatever currency values you determine are applicable in your country. You designate the currency values using the Control Panel of the machine running the shopping cart.
Previous shoppers can retrieve previous order information Repeat customers can retrieve their previous order information, making checkout faster and easier for repeat buyers.
Session Object Storage Allows all global parameters that define the shopping cart to be located in a single location and file.
Entirely built on Active Server Pages (ASP) Provides a more robust and more secure architecture.
Customer information gathering on a product-by-product basis You can gather specific additional customer information on a product-by-product basis during checkout. Great for gifts where information such as engraving detail is needed.
Customizable E-mail header Allows you to configure and customize the particular email the customer will see upon order confirmation.
Affiliate/Multiple Merchant Tracking Allows you to track purchases against affiliates and multiple merchants to your shopping cart on an order-by-order basis. Custom affiliates summary report written in Access included.
Link-Wise™ Checkout System
Allows you to more easily separate, replace or modify different pieces of the checkout process like links in a chain. This gives you virtually limitless customizability, even during the checkout phase of the order. See the instructions for removing shipping or payment information.
Customer Item Notes Let your customer specify last minute notes to you on an item-by-item basis.
Auctions Create a price auction for a product on your Web site 
Unlimited Product Options and Price Changes. Product options for attributes such as size and color can be customized with any kind of form control including drop-down boxes, check boxes or radio button.   Create an unlimited number of product options, give them an unlimited number of price changes, customize the display of these options in an unlimited manner, and change the display of these product options for every single but unlimited number of products.
Customer Return/Reorder Allow your customers to place an unlimited number of temporary orders to be completed later.  Or, allow your customer to return to reorder all or part of any previous order started or completed.
Coupon Discounting Compute customer discounts based on coupon #'s . 
Real-time Currency Calculations Offer real-time calculations of currency in your customers "home-currency" if desired.
Real-time Sales chat Offer real-time sales chat on your shopping cart if desired.
Payload Delivery Deliver your product immediately after each purchase.  Excellent for delivering Internet-ready products.  Once the shopper reaches their receipt, they can immediately link to and obtain your product. 
3-Tier Taxation for International Support and complete International support Create up to 3 tiers of taxation.  Handle and define the names for State/Province Taxes, country/county Taxes, or even luxury taxation on individual products.  With the click of a button, change the format of currency to the country of your choice.  With the click of a button, add currency conversion support via the OANDA currency converter.
Disable and remove Shipping, Payment, and/or Taxation from the Checkout process with the click of a single button  Do you have a service?  We-Will Services can totally remove shipping from the checkout.  Do you have a free product or service? We can remove billing and payment from the checkout.  Do you have a wholesale business which does not require taxation?  We can totally remove taxation from the checkout. 
Comprehensive shipping modes Choose from and even mix seven (7) different shipping modes including:  Free Shipping-based; Weight-based, Volume-based, Quantity-based, Value-based, Product-based, Whole Order-based including Real-Time UPS.
Email-A-Friend  Allow your customers to email information about your products to their friends.  This feature uses Active Server Pages instead of JavaScrip, and is supported on all Browsers