Book One: Kate Croy is introduced, she is visiting her father who lives in   squalid conditions, background information is given on Kate's   life thus far, we learn of her sister, her Aunt Maud, and of her   relationship with Merton Densher.
Book Two: Merton Densher is futher introduced and his year-long    relationship with Kate is detailed, he proposes marriage    however Kate refuses because she wishes to hear her aunt's   opinion, Densher talks to Aunt Maud and she politely     discourages him, though she likes him as a  persom she is   unwilling to allow him to marry Kate, Densher accepts a four   to five month assignment in New York and before his     departure they profess their undying love for one another.
Book Three: Milly Theale and Susan Shepard Stringhamare introduced,    they depart the US to travel through Europe, Milly however    decides to hed straight to England, Susan looks up her old    friend Maud Lowder so as to have an acquanintance in    London.
Book Four:  Milly is introduced to the circle of friends at Lancaster Gate,    she quickly becomes friends with Kate, during a discussion    with Susan she decides not to mention Densher, whom she    met in New York, to Kate, Milly decides she wants to levae    England for the Continent.
Book Five: Milly moves into Lancaster Gate and becomes closer to Kate,   she visits Sir Luke, a renowned doctor, who recommends that   she leave England, she asks Kate to travel with her, Milly    runs into Kate and Densher at the National Galllery and    dicovers that while Desher's feelings towards Kate seem to    be unreiprocated she (Milly) is quite attracted to him.
Book Six: Densher convinces Kate to marry him against all ojections, for   the time being, however, they decide to keep their relationship   quiet, Kate convinces Densher to proceed to deceive Milly by   acting as though he likes her, this allows them to meet in    Milly's rooms.
Book Seven: Susan reveals to Aunt Maud that she believes the only thing   Milly is living for is Densher, they agree to try to make it    appear that he loves her also, Milly and the group decide to    travel to Venice, Lord Mark proposes to Milly, she turns him    down while revealing the true extent of her illness, she then    tells Lord Mark that Kate has eyes for no one but him.
Book Eight: Densher arrives in Venice and spends most of his time with    Milly, when he and Kate steal some time to talk privately Kate   accuses him of being in love with Milly, he retorts that he has   no proof of Kate's love, a dinner party is held at Milly's palace   where Kate remarks that Milly is a dove, and Densher then    thinks to himself how Milly covers them and protects them    with her "wings", Kate finally states her true plan: Densher will   marry Milly, inherit her money when she dies, and finally    marry Kate, in order to recieve Densher's agreement Kate    has to make the sacarifice of coming to his rooms.
Book Nine: Kate and Aunt Maud return to England, Milly, Susan, and    Densher remain in Venice, Densher feels no guilt in his    misleading Milly however he realizes that he is rapped up in    her fate, Densher is turned away from Milly's rooms several    times and he surmises that Lord Mark has returned to make    trouble, after a few days Susan arrives to tell him that Milly is   dying, and that she doesn't want to live, Susan believes that    the only thing he can do is propose to Milly, how ever     Densher puts Susan off, saying that he must speak to Sir    Luke, when Sir Luke arrives he tells Densher nothing except   that Milly wishes to see him.
Book Ten: Densher has returned to England but does not know Milly's    fate, he becomes more and more reserved with Kate,    Densher discoevers that Milly has died, he meets with Kate    and produces a sealed letter from Milly which he gives to    Kate, after reading it she throws it into the fire, Densher hears   from Milly's lawyers that he has inheirited all of Milly's money,   he summons Kate and gives her an ultimatium: him or the    money, when she says she can have both he replies that she   can't, Kate requires that Densher promise he is not in love    with Milly's memory, he skirts the issue but replies that he will   marry Kate "in an hour", as she leaves she replies that they    "shall never be again as we were".
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