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Analytical Essay
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By Meaghan Shirk
Mrs. Brown's AP English Class
Henry James was born in New York on April 15 in 1943 and was educated in New York, London, Paris, and Geneva.  He also attended Harvard Law School for a period of time, he eventually withdrew so that he could write.  He started his writing career in his twenties by submitting short stories and articles to American periodicals.  His first work was the unsigned 'A Tradgedy of Error', published in Continental Monthly in 1864, and, through his friend William Dean Howells, his first signed work  'The Story of a Year' was introduced in the magazine The Atlantic Monthly in 1865 at the age of 22.  His first novel, Watch and Ward, was also published in The Atlantic Monthly. He visited Europe from 1972 to 1974 with his sister and settles pemenantly in England in 1976, though he only becomes a subject in 1915 at the age of 72. He was given an honorary degree from both Harvard in 1911 and from Oxford in 1912He published many novels and short  stories throughout his life including Wings of the Dove in 1902 and two autobiographical memoirs, A Small Boy and Others (1913) and Notes of a Son and Brother (1914).  He was award the Order of Merit in 1916 and died on Feburary 28 of the same year.  In 1976 a plaque was dedicated to him in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner.
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