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Jesus was a simple man. His needs were few. He had few worldly possessions, harbored no anger, even for those who sought to destroy him, and he kept his faith even up to the bitter end. He was by design, destined to be a teacher, healer, and crucified for his beliefs when those around him were threatened by his mere presence.

For those of us who believe, our life is a lot like Jesus' too! We are raised by our fathers with a set of values and beliefs, and eventually God gives us our time to teach our own offspring what we have learned and perpetuate the cycle of life. However, some of us become slaves to anger, others slaves to jobs, and still some become slaves to greed. Any one of these things can consume a person, especially if they do not have the blessing of being in communion with God, the father.

Jesus gave us many parables and teachings. The bible is filled with the wisdom to teach us to overcome our weaknesses, but what if we choose to ignore those teachings? What if we go to church on the Sabbath, then live the rest of the week concerned only with our own needs and welfare. Haven't we overlooked the fact that we are mortal and our life is not our own but that of the lord's?

Maybe we sometimes act in haste or anger because we are angry that we are mortal. Let me explain. Normal daily routine, illnesses, work, responsibilty, stress, all can take their toll on any man, woman or child. If we work diligently to follow the example Jesus set, we could truly glorify God the father by being joyful about the blessings he has given us, and not dwell on what we do not have, what others have or do not have and prepare for the place he has set in his kingdom for every one of us, his children.

Some of my happiest memories as a child was singing the Lord's praises at Mass along side my Mother. I loved the lyrics of the hymns, such as...'let strife among us be unknown, let all contentions cease, his is the glory that we seek, be ours his holy peace'...

When God appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus, Saul was blinded by God's brilliance. God specifically asked Saul, 'Saul, why do you persecute me?' Aren't we just like Saul, when we persecute each other, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters? Reborn in faith, Paul became a rock; a monument of christianity.

We must live for the lord. If we live with the lord, we shall reign with the lord. Let strife among us be unknown, let all contentions cease, be his the glory that we seek, be ours his holy peace.

May God bless us all with his love and peace.

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