The Metro-NY and JPD Leadership School

(The Metropolitan New York and Joseph Priestley districts
are districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association .)

Here you can learn about the annual July School, including information about the retreat center where the School is held, the daily schedule, staffing, accommodations, food, cost, and topics studied. The School, which has operated since 1983, has graduated more than 580 Unitarian Universalist lay leaders. Unilead accepts between 18 and 32 students annually.

If you'd like to talk to the Dean of the School in person, or to a graduate of the School, just send an e-mail message including your phone number or e-mail address to LShemick@aol.com .  She'll answer your questions, or arrange for you to call a recent graduate so you can chat.

This site last updated on July 29, 2003.