New User Home Page

If this page loads as your home page, it means that you did not yet add your own page.

You can modify your homepage by FTP'ing to USERS.NBN.NET. Use your username and password for the ftp username and password. When ftp logs on, you will be in your home directory. That directory will contain a directory called WWW. If you change the directory to WWW, you will then see this document (index.html). This is the HTML document that is loaded when someone accesses your homepage. You may write HTML code on an editor on you computer and then send it via FTP to the WWW directory. Your main page will always be called index.html. But you may also add other pages, directories, and graphic files. Just put them in the WWW directory. You will have up to 2megs of disk space for your account.

Your homepage will be
Where userid is the userid you use to login as and ~ is the tidle character that is located on the keyboard as a shift character just left of the one key on the keyboard above the `.