The following is PA 101st Legislative District Representative ED Krebs farewell message to the voters who elected him to three terms in the PA House of Representatives. His words are frank, and well worth reading. I have re-typed them verbatim after the FALL 2002 newsletter cover frame.


Dear Friends:

As I write this newsletter, it is hard to believe that it has been over 12 years since I decided to run to be your representative in the 101st legislative district. I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. The Commonwealth has faced many challenges during this time period and I have tried to make informed votes as the General Assembly formulated legislative initiatives. As my term of legislative service comes to an end, I have a few thoughts that I will share with you.

It was and still is my belief that after they are elected, our public officials should represent the interests of all citizens and not just some political or economic subset of society. To further this belief during my time in Harrisburg, I invested a large portion of my capital in an attempt to reform how the House of Representatives often operates. I had found that the House operated in such a way as to give priority to partisan and special interest needs to the detriment of the general citizenry and taxpayers.

Subsequently, I became part of a group of lawmakers who attempted to change the rules of the House to give the general citizenry a higher priority in legislative action. We had a few successes and many defeats. Both political and powerful special interests are happy with the way Harrisburg operates. With their money and access to power they are able to control the legislative agenda to achieve their objectives and perpetuate the status quo.

An excessive amount of taxpayer money is wasted by both political parties to almost guarantee the return of incumbents to Harrisburg. At the same time the pressing needs for change in Pennsylvania go un-addressed.

The only answer in our democratic system is for you - the voters - to critically evaluate the performance of your elected officials in every election. You must look closely at what real outcomes flow from governmental decisions and hold your elected officials responsible for them. Additionally, voting solely in response to slick campaign pieces or 30-second television spots that appeal to your emotions will not give Pennsylvanians the type of government they need and deserve.

As I end this letter, I believe that for democracy to truly work, the citizens must hold their elected officials accountable through informed voting. However, our professional politicians and their powerful special interest allies have gotten control of too much of the information flow going to voters. When you vote in the future, it is my hope that you critically evaluate those running for office based on the best objective information available.


Ed Krebs

State Representative, 101st Legislative District


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