If you are planning an event and need to contact a staff member from the Rockin Revival band, please call one of the following numbers. Since we might be your first contact with the Rockin Revival band, we will make your first experience a courteous and memorable one.

Jodi (717) 274-3833

Larry (717) 865-3649

Larry (717) 273-1737

What you need from us!

Before you call , let us tell you a few things about the group. The group consists of five musicians. This includes bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard, and drums. Support for the group includes Sound Engineer, Light Coordinator, Photographer, PR Manager, and at times two equipment handlers. The equipment managers and photographer may not make the trip every performance.  If pictures for our web site are a must, we will be sure to take them for you. The Rockin Revival band specializes in oldies (50's, 60's,70's) rock & roll and features a lively show...and we mean lively!

We will supply you with posters in advance of our performance.

What we need from you!

We need to know where you are located, type of establishment (club, auditorium, night club, private, fund raiser).  Does your establishment serve food?  We need to know about accommodations, if travel is necessary.  What do you do locally to promote your event? What are the hours and how long will the Rockin Revival band be Rockin your event?

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