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Hi, My name is Nate, and this is my page, feel free to E-Mail me how much you hate it, doesn't matter you suck anyway.

Many people fight for what they believe in. Some people are unable to fight do to society. We live in a society where going against the norm is unpopular and the norm is submission and conforming to authority.

You need to speak out for your rights, high school dropout house wives are trying to censor MUSIC, our eyes have been made to see only the clean, must our ears hear only the pure? Will the voices that protest be supressed? Our goverment (USA) tried to censor the internet we fought back and now it is free, but goverment will try again. They will continue to try to censor as long as some uneducated fuck-up continues to think anything that upsets them should not be seen, heard, or experienced by anyone else.

if the goverment continues its actions to censor its citizens, action will be taken, and I quote Rage against the Machine "We support our Troops"

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