About Eric Beamesderfer


    Well, where should I start?  I am a graduate of Eastern Lebanon County High school with the rest of the Class of 1995.  Since then I have embarked upon numerous adventures, some exciting and others merely to pass my boredom.  This list of famous adventures incorporate a catalogue of jobs to infinite to mention but also two "post secondary" educational institutions to whom I was lucky enough to be a part of.  

    The first of the two is "York Technical Institute" where for the lengthy span of three months (equal to one term) I was an electronics major.   Now you would think that I could have figured out that "this isn't what I want for a career" in a shorter time then 3 months but alas I wanted to give it the good ol' effort before ultimately calling it quits.  So after a brief period of no school and working full time at the "Cloister Car Wash" I decided it was high time to land my butt back into a classroom before I became even more worthless then I already was!

    The second and current college blessed enough to call me a student is "Pennsylvania State University" .  Now at PSU I vowed that things would be different, I demanded that I start to display some focus on my impending future.  So I declared my major as Computer Engineering and began with an 18 credit course load...  Now for those of you unfamilier with the credit rating system I'll sumerise it for you in two words, TOO MUCH!  So reluctantly I came to the decision that it was time to leave my beloved PSU and begin working full time, all the while pledgeing that one day I would return...

    In a vain effort to make a long story short I am now a student of the world and a happy member of the Farr Nursey and Landscape co. family and basically taking the punches as they make contact.

    I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this rather drawn out and pointless speal that is merely a chapter in the ongoing book I call "Life, love and the pursuit of happiness after graduation"! 



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