Randy Davis 52 at California with kenseth

Leann 52 at Atlanta with Kahne

Rocko 24 1st segment winner with 91 points

Dennis 104 with Harvick at Pheonix

Dennis wins 52 with Jr at Richmond

Chuck Roush wins 24 2nd segment winner with 89 points

Tom Wins 104 with Hamlin at Pocono

Leann 24 3rd segment winner

J.Heagy wins 104 with Gordon at Chicago

John M. 26 with Kyle Busch at Louden

Craig wins 52 with Johnson at Indy

Ray wins 26 with Harvick at the Glen

Dennis wins 26 with Kenseth at Michigan

Craig wins 24 winning the 4th segment

Wags Wins 130 with Burton at Dover

Mull wins 26 with Stweart at Kansas

Wags wins segment 5 with 93 points

Wags Wins 26 With Vickers At Taladega

J.Dean wins 26 with Kahne at Lowes

Craig wins $52 with Stewart At Atlanta

Ray wins 26 with Stewart at Texas

Jill wins 52 with Harvick at Homestead

Jill wins  segment 6 with 86points and the tie breaker of more top 5s

Rousch 1st 144

Diebert 2nd 112

Wags 3rd 81

Rocko 4th 59

Mielo 5th 31

Charlie lastn place 5