Rules for nascar pool


1.   Points determine who your driver is for a single race….if you draw #1 you have Tony Stewart for Daytona… last years points finish is what’s used to start the year

2.   Everyone WILL have a driver in every race

3.   If a drawn driver does not make the race for any reason a second pick will me made

4.   The numbers we draw from is to be determined by the number of people we have but we are limited to 20 people, if we have 20 people we are drawing from 1-40

5.   Points are determined by the finish of the drivers drawn ….if your driver finishes 4th but he is the top driver drawn you get the most points for that week

6.   There is a one point bonus for winning a race

7.   Prize money will be determined by the number of people we have in the pool except for the Mielo award, which is 5.00 for the last place finisher.

8.   If there is no winner drawn for a race the prize money carries over until there is a winner.

9.   The season is broken into six segments the high point total for each segment will be awarded prize money

10.The last race of the year the highest finisher will be consider the race winner but will not receive the bonus point unless he wins the race.

11.At the end of the year places 1-5 will receive prize money to be determined by the number of people we have

12. New for 2007 Any Money won will be applied to any  money owed.