Wind Shifts and Short Seasons
Voyages in verse
Chris Kleinfelter

Catch a fair Spring tide

Port of Departure

A sailor finds his way through tidewaters and seasons by keeping an eye on the natural world around him. If he stays undrowned long enough, he comes to see the natural world reflected within his own soul. I have been following the shifting wind around the Chesapeake Bay, and other navigable waterways, long enough to find a connection with the wonderful wetlands I sail through.

The changes that come with each season provide flavor and rythym to life. Those seasons seem shorter with each passing year and the wind is a shiftier devil than it ever was. But the salt that flows in my blood is the salt that flowed in the veins of my father, my grandfather, and who knows what distant ancestors in long forgotten anchorages.

The natural world within ourselves is as fragile and as potentially resilient, given adequate care, as the external environment we often campaign so vigorously to protect. We are changeable creatures riding the troughs and crests of circumstance and emotion. Each of us must look inwardly to chart his outward bound course.