The Rose of Longing

  A dove with the grace of an angel's wings, silently soars the golden skies of dawn.  Glancing to earth, the feathered messenger notices two lovers exchanging a passionate kiss.  Feeling the warmth from so far a distance, a single tear of longing forms in the eye of the unintentional observer.  To find a mate that could inspire that tenderness and love would indeed be a gift from above.

  The tear floats to the earth as if carried upon a feather's spine.  As the moisture settles, it dampens a deserted plot of parched earth.  A brilliant flash of lightning streaks across the heavens, as the skies ripple with the sounds of thunder.

  From the desolate land springs forth a rose of such beauty and softness, it pales the moon while outshining the sun.  A permanent drop of dew hangs tentatively from the delicate flower's velvet petal, as if the tear of longing had finally found its rightful place on earth.