The earth trembles with vigor. A loud "GRUMBLE" travels out across the city from the
east. The townsfolk turn their heads towards the east in awe at such a mighty sound. The
guards peer nervously out of the gate at the road where it takes a turn in the woods. With
each tremble, the trees shake and plates rattle on shelves. With every passing moment the
tremble grows in strength, till mortar tumbles out of the cracks in stone building near by. It
dawns on the people that the ogre has returned to their fair city. Women scream, men groan
and children start to cry at the thought of who made that loud GRUMBLE. Another
GRUMBLE travels out of the woods sending the townsfolk into a mass panic as they flee
westward. Some turn north towards the king for salvation, others decide to keep on going west and settle in Eldor to evade the ogre.

  As I sit in an alley behind a water barrel, an adventurer stands his ground as the last of the
fleeing peasants swarm past him. He is human, not very tall or strong, yet the well worn
sword on hip marks him as a dangerous man. He stands his ground in the center of the
deserted street, watching out the gate to the east as the guards rush to bar it. The gate
closes, yet his sight remains fixed to the east as he caresses the hilt of his blade. Guards
along the city walls start yelling as shooting arrows out over the wall at some unseen target.
All that can be heard is even a louder and meaner GRUMBLE. The trembling of the ground
grows to the point that the woodsman adventurer standing in the street can barely remain

  All of a sudden the trembling stops. The guards along the wall pause in their barrage of
arrows to glance almost downwards at the closed gate below. A creak of wood can be
heard. The gate starts to bow inwards towards the human standing still a block away. With
a sudden snap, the gate shatters spraying splinters and steel bands everywhere. When the
dust clears, a nine foot tall ogre with large fangs stands in the archway glaring at the human.

  The woodsman is deep in thought as the ogre starts striding towards him. He lets go of his
sword to rummage through his pack in search of something. As the ogre is almost upon him,
he whips a hand out of his pack and says "Cookie?". The deadly ogre stops and blinks a
second as he realizes he is being presented with food. After a second the ogre tilts back his
head and roars out "KOO-KEE" before lashing out with a mighty paw. Wrapping his hand
completely around the human's head, he yanks the woodsman in real close. Reaching down over the adventurer's back and into his pack. He pulls out a huge handful of cookies and a few other things like rope, bow, arrows, gems and jewels. Popping all of it into his mouth, he
crunches down on the contents which must have had over 200 cookies in it. The mighty
ogre lifts the human with the hand still holding human. A muffled curse can be heard coming
from the human. The ogre tosses the human into the wall of a house along the street. The
dazed woodsman shakes his head trying to clear it as a rumbling can be heard coming from
the ogre. With a mighty belch, the ogre spews chunks of chocolate chip cookies all over
Caravan Road. As the adventurer slowly climbs to his feet, Wyde P. Ogre stomps off
down the road in search of battle.

The human staggers into the nearest tavern to recover from encounter. Remarking to himself
never to offer that ogre another cookie ever again.

(Something I remembered from long ago in game)