Lookie! It's the artwork page! A highly unorganized mishmosh of my favorite scanned artwork! Yeah! I tried to organize it...but well, it didn't work all to good. Maybe later there willl be thumbnails, but not now.


Furry Art
If you've noticed most of this is focused around rabbits...don't blame me for my JJ2 influence...

Jeparody- A fun little pic I made, later I scanned it in and redid the background. Groovular
Admael- The first good pic I made of Addie, based off one of the pirates costumes at the faire
Aphrodite- Based off the bunny Aphrodite, I think it looks pretty neat, done in colored pencils
Bar Wars- An old pencil sketch I did, the reference is obvious (I think it is)
Dino- A pic I made of Dino as Icarus...coolfulness
Dweasle- Oh no! It's him! A pic I made for the still-in-progress Possum game
Potter- Look! It's Gizmo cat as a Hogwarts wizzard!
Snake- Pretty hypnotic, not really furry, though
Squirrel- A squirrel...I don't like this pic much, but some do...

Bloogish Art
Bloogish art from Fribbulus Xax. Most of it is Xaxian angels and followers of the BloogGod...

Bloog- The first Bloog pic I scanned in, more of a test of the airbrush tool then anything.
Bloog Angel- What can I say. It's a cute winged bloog
BloogGod- The BloogGod himself, sorta a goofy picture non the least
Fleex Angel- It's like...a fleex angel...not meant to have a halo...
Sacred Orbatrix- Like...peace man
Bloog Corperation- I think what this 3d pic is supposed to be, but me lazy to find out.
Bloog Dome- the Bloogdome...be afraid...

Sketch Book
This is some artwork from my sketchbook. Sorta dumb, I guess.

Celtic Sword Guy- It's a celtic guy with a sword, done manly for the costume (which is why he looks like Tarzan)
Girl Person- This girl I made, pretty much made for the same reason as the Celtic Sword Guy.

Other Stuff
Here is were the cool stuff is. Sorta. Hopefully more later.

The Idea- Just...awesome. I made it for an autobiography last year, Gorey style rocks!
OZ Postcard- This one I didn't make, it's the postcard that comes with Return to OZ...me scan it in.
Jack Pumpkin Head- A quick sketch I did of Jack, pretty unproportional
The Throbblefoot Spectre- A Gorian character, likes to loiter about ponds and play cats cradle.
A Cat- A cat. Another quick sketch, sorta lame, I didn't change the pose or anything.
Tree House Domain- This is the comp room from my pretend tree house.
Crystal Computer Cave- This is a room from Dino's house in Mt. Diomundus
TSF Haunted House- If this triggers some unknown reflex to shoot your monitor, it means I did a good job at this picture
Catacombs- The Catacombs from my Gizmos story- this took forever to get the lighting right
The Water Dragon's Den- Yes Virginia, there is a waterdragon (Alienator did the sparkly haze)

This page is copywrite me and my layers lawyers, so don't take anything without my permission, blah blah, lots of stuff